Vanuatu Online Gambling License

The island nation of Vanuatu, renowned for being the pioneer in offering online gambling licenses back in the 1990s, has launched a revamped licensing framework. This new system, announced on July 3, 2024, allows for a fully online application process, aimed at enhancing efficiency and attracting global operators targeting pre-regulated markets.

Official Launch Event

During a significant event held in the capital, Port Vila, Vanuatu’s Minister for Finance John Salong and Macyn White, CEO of the Vanuatu Gaming Authority (VGA), officially introduced the updated regulations under the Vanuatu Interactive Gaming Act. These amendments bring the licensing framework up to date, replacing the original licenses that date back to 1993.

Key Features of the New Licensing Framework

The new licensing framework introduces several important features designed to streamline the application process and ensure rigorous oversight:

  • Online Application Process: The entire application process can now be completed online, significantly reducing processing times and making it easier for operators to apply.
  • Strict Background Checks: Despite the streamlined process, the framework maintains strict background checks on all applicants to ensure integrity and compliance.
  • Application and Licensing Fees: The application fee is set at €5,000 (US$5,370), with an annual license fee of €10,000 (US$10,700). Licenses are valid for 15 years from the date of issuance.
  • Wagering Activity Tax: A flat one percent tax on gross gaming revenue will be applied to all wagering activities, providing a clear and straightforward tax structure for operators.

Regulatory Oversight

The Vanuatu Department of Customs and Inland Revenue will serve as the primary regulator for the gambling industry. The VGA will handle the processing of applications, operating as the exclusive agent under a public-private partnership. This structure aims to balance efficient administration with robust regulatory oversight.

Global Attraction

With its updated licensing framework, Vanuatu is positioning itself as a competitive and attractive destination for global online gambling operators. The fully online application process and the clear regulatory requirements are expected to appeal to operators looking for a reliable and efficient licensing jurisdiction.

The launch of Vanuatu’s new online gambling licensing framework marks a significant step forward for the island nation, reinforcing its long-standing role in the global gambling industry. By modernising its regulatory environment and streamlining the application process, Vanuatu aims to attract a new wave of operators while ensuring the highest standards of regulatory compliance. This development not only highlights Vanuatu’s innovative spirit but also sets a new benchmark for licensing efficiency and operator appeal in the global gambling market.