Tobique Gaming License

Tobique Gaming License

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Tobique Gaming Commission

The Tobique Gaming Act of 2023 establishes the regulatory framework for online gambling within Tobique.

This legislation grants the Tobique Gaming Commission (TGC) the power to oversee and regulate the activities of online gaming companies. Working alongside TGC Management Co. and Differentia Licensing Advisory Group Limited (DLAG) as a Direct Licensee, the TGC is dedicated to enforcing the Tobique Gaming Laws.

These regulations cover a wide range of online gambling and gaming operations, highlighting the importance of adherence to legal standards, maintaining operational integrity, and safeguarding consumer interests.

Tobique Gaming License Overview

The Tobique Gaming License represents a strategic gateway for operators looking to enter or expand their presence in the online gaming and gambling sectors.

Hailing from the Tobique First Nation jurisdiction, this license underscores a commitment to fostering a regulated, secure, and prosperous online gaming environment.

Recognised for its comprehensive regulatory framework and dedicated oversight, the Tobique Gaming License offers a compelling option for businesses seeking a credible and supportive foundation for their gaming operations.


The Tobique Gaming License

The application process for obtaining a Tobique Gaming License has been meticulously crafted to be both comprehensive and direct, ensuring a balance between thoroughness and accessibility. This process places a significant emphasis on evaluating key areas crucial to the successful operation of online gaming enterprises, such as financial stability, strategic business planning, advanced technical capabilities, and a strong commitment to the principles of responsible gaming.

Initial Steps and Required Documentation

To embark on the licensing journey, prospective operators need to demonstrate a clean criminal background among beneficiaries and directors, along with proof of address and recent bank statements. Additional requirements include certification from recognised software vendors and a functional website that complies with regulatory standards​.

Technical Systems Evaluation

This involves a rigorous assessment to ensure that the applicant’s gaming system meets technical standards and provides a fair, secure gaming environment. This typically includes software testing by approved labs like eCOGRA, iTechLabs, GLI, or BMM Testlabs.

Ongoing Compliance and Monitoring

The TGC mandates continuous compliance with its regulations, focusing on financial integrity, fair gaming, and responsible gambling practices. Operators must regularly submit reports and undergo audits to maintain their license.

Types of Licenses

The Tobique gaming license is comprehensive, covering a wide array of gambling activities including online casinos, sports betting, and other forms of digital gaming, under a single framework​.

Overview of Licensing Fees and Gaming Taxes

The application fee for a Tobique gambling license is set at 36,000 EUR.  Furthermore, Tobique does not impose any gaming tax, positioning itself as an attractive option for startups and established operators alike​.

Corporate Taxes

In a strategic move to encourage business growth, Tobique’s regulatory framework exempts operators from corporate and income taxes, providing a financially conducive environment for gaming enterprises​​.


Prospective licensees are mandated to submit an extensive array of documentation, which serves to provide the Tobique Gaming Commission with a deep insight into the operational framework, ethical considerations, and the overall business model of the applying entity. This documentation includes, but is not limited to, financial statements, proof of technical infrastructure and security measures, business plans, and policies related to customer protection and responsible gaming practices.

  • Verified copy of photo and signature pages from a passport.
  • Current utility bill.
  • CV/Resume.
  • Original bank statement.
  • Original letter of recommendation from a CPA or lawyer.
  • Documentation of domain ownership.
  • Copies of contracts and/or certificates of RNG testing from a third party.
  • Copies of terms and conditions outlining player KYC, responsible gaming, and underage gambling policies.

Compliance Checks

  • Pertinent background checks.
  • In-depth questioning about your capacity to oversee an online gaming business.

Following the submission of these documents, applicants enter a rigorous phase of compliance checks. These checks are conducted to assess the integrity and reliability of the proposed operations, ensuring they meet the high standards set forth by the Tobique regulatory framework.

Applicants must demonstrate not only their commitment to fair play and player safety but also their ability to maintain a gaming environment that is both secure and conducive to a positive gaming experience. This includes implementing robust anti-fraud and anti-money laundering measures, as well as ensuring that customer support and dispute resolution mechanisms are in place and effective.

Corporate Structure for Tobique Gaming License

A typical structure involves a Belize company as the license holder and a subsidiary in Cyprus, facilitating interaction with payment systems and banks.

This arrangement underscores the strategic approach to leverage the license for global operations while ensuring compliance with international financial and regulatory standards​​.

The Tobique gambling license represents a strategic option for entities looking to enter or expand within the global online gaming market, offering a blend of regulatory flexibility, tax advantages, and operational simplicity.

Licensing Cost Comparison & Taxation


Application Timeframe

Local Officer Requirements

License Costs

Annual Renewal Costs

Corporate Taxation

Gaming Tax

Local Server Requirement

Local Company Requirements


3-6 months









3-4 weeks









8-10 weeks









6-9 months









6-9 months





1% max £425,000



Isle of Man

3-6 months


£36,750 – £52,500

£36,750 – £52,500


0.1 – 1.5%




4-6 months









6-12 months


€25,000 – €85,000



5% max €600,000




6-12 Months









6-8 weeks






Compliance Platform


United Kingdom

3-6 months


£4,224- £91,686







  • The figures presented in the table above serve as estimates and are provided for informational purposes. It’s important to note that certain costs are approximations and may vary based on fluctuations in exchange rates.
  • It’s crucial to understand that the mentioned costs exclusively pertain to licensing fees and do not encompass expenses associated with legal fees, compliance procedures, or liaising with gaming regulatory authorities.
  • Furthermore, it’s essential to consider that additional charges might apply, including fees for key person licenses, local substance requirements, minimum capital obligations, and other regulatory prerequisites beyond the scope of the license costs.

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The Tobique Gaming License FAQ

What is the gambling license type for a B2C?

An Online B2C license that covers all verticals.

Are there any limitations on how many Online B2C licenses can be held?


Are B2Bs required to be licensed?

Whether a B2B License is required will depend on the nature of the business. We will advise upon this on a case by case basis.

For how long are Licenses valid?

Licenses are valid for a period of one (1) year.

What is the application timeframe?

The typical time-line for the completion of the application is between two (2) to three (3) weeks after pre-approval. However, the application can take as long as eight (8) weeks in certain circumstances.

Is there a pre-application fee?

Yes. A non refundable pre-application fee is incurred.

Is there a guarantee the licensee will be granted?

The application fee does not guarantee that the license will be granted. However, should the application fail, then a partial refund would be provided.

What payment methods are accepted?

The vast majority of FIAT currencies (such as USD/EUR) and a range of the most popular cryptocurrencies, including: Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC-20 based stable coins and a range of other ERC-20 tokens.

What is the accepted game supply (Direct, Aggregator, Both)?


What games are not permitted?

Physical prize raffles.

What territories are restricted under the license?

Afghanistan, Canadian Provinces of New Brunswick and Ontario, China, Cuba, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Libya, Myanmar, North Korea, Russia, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, UK, USA, Yemen, Venezuela and FATF sanctioned countries.

All license holders must conduct their own diligence in each local jurisdiction or territory in which they operate to ensure their services are provided in compliance in all material respects with all applicable local laws, rules and regulations.

Are there any payment-blocking measures in place?

Licensees are required to geo-block consumers residing in Afghanistan, Canadian Provinces of New Brunswick and Ontario, China, Cuba, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Libya, Myanmar, North Korea, Russia, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, UK, USA, Yemen, Venezuela and FATF sanctioned countries

Are there any ISP blocking measures in place?

There are no ISP blocking measures in place through the license. Enhanced monitoring and supervisory services may be imposed upon a licensee at the licensor’s discretion.

Are there any geographical player-blocking requirements?

Licensees are required to geo-block consumers residing in the USA, the UK, New Brunswick, Ontario and any FATF sanctioned countries.

Licensees are also required to implement protocols to block player registrations from the restricted territories identified above.

Are there documentary requirements for the source of funds/wealth of the UBO/directors?

UBOs with a shareholding of 10% or more will undergo due diligence at the licensing stage. This will involve identifying the source of wealth and source of funds.

Typically, a letter from a chartered accountant or registered lawyer attesting to the above would be sufficient.

Are there any server location requirements?

No requirement for any physical server presence. Everything can be cloud based.

Are there any key equipment reporting requirements?

The Tobique Gaming Commission (TGC) requires the full and timely disclosure of all infrastructure of the licensee. This includes the location of the data centre, an architectural overview and a disaster recovery plan.

Are there any certification requirements?

• RNG must be certified.

• Functional and platform testing must be approved by a reputable jurisdiction, accredited or an up- to-date testing certificate supplied by a reputable testing house.

• Testing may be requested before the licence being granted for function and platform.

What AML policies and obligations must licensees follow?

Each market that is targeted must adhere to local requirements. For example, if you are in the EU, you have AML directives 4, 5 and 6 and any other local requirements of a member state.

Is there a requirement to appoint a compliance officer?

There are no specific requirements for a compliance officer, however, it would be suggested as best practice. Please note that an MLRO is mandatory.

Are there any Responsible Gambling obligations?

• There are requirements for self-exclusion that need to be disclosed 24 hours after it is requested.
• Adherence to the protocols of each market you enter into and its terms.
• Implementation of responsible gambling tools, such as the ability for players to set deposit limits, wager limits, cooling-off periods and session limits, is mandatory.
• Ensure there is a clear link to supportive organisations such as

Are there any player reporting requirements?

The following player reporting requirements are in place:
• Bi-weekly player account standing submissions.
• Monthly compliance change reports.
• AML documentation
• Terrorist activity reports (within 24 hours) uploaded to the TGC compliance platform.
• Other requirements not listed in certain circumstances of which licensees will be informed.

Are there any requirements for player complaints procedures?

Licensees must adhere to the following protocols:
• A clear internal complaints process
• Protocols for responding to the complainant promptly
• Ensuring record retention of complaints
• Providing escalation process
• An approved Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanism for escalated complaints
• Upon request, DLAG reserves the right to request KYC information that the licensee holds for the complainant in the event that complaints are escalated to the Tobique jurisdiction.
• Player complaints are accessed through the shield if the licensee and player have been unable to find a resolution.

Are there requirements to segregate player funds?

Yes. Licensees are required to segregate player funds from operational funds. Player funds should be held in a separate account.

Are there any wagering limitations?

There are no wagering limitations imposed, however, there are reporting requirements on deposits of 10,000 Euros and above.

In certain scenarios, deposits close to the 10,000 Euro benchmark may also trigger a reporting requirement to the Differentia Licensing Advisory Group (DLAG).

Should key Personnel be disclosed?


Are there any data vault requirements?

• The TGC requires that critical data and information must be encrypted, backed up and secured off-site on a bi-weekly basis with a TGC-selected service provider, namely the following information:
• Receipts from players and evidence of payments to players.
• A complete history of all transactions that affect player balances.
• The backup should not contain personal information, however the Transaction ID, Player ID, amount and final account standing must be provided.
• No integration required.

What are the GDPR requirements?

Licensees must comply with local data protection requirements for each territory targeted and a Privacy Policy must be present in the footer at all times.

Is an onsite audit required?


Are there marketing restrictions in place?

• Market specific.
• Tobique does not permit marketing for its area or for restricted territories.

Technical standards

• The website must have a footer containing specific information and policies, including an active Tobique Gaming Commission domain validation shield.
• Company information or “About Us”.
• A responsible gaming link.
• Complaints and arbitration information.
• Terms of Use.
• Privacy Policy.
• Bonus Policy.
• Affiliates.
• AML & KYC policy.
• Payment policy.
• Contact us.

What must be displayed on the site?

The website must have a footer containing specific information and policies, including an active Tobique Gaming Commission domain validation shield.

Corporate Structure

This innovative corporate structure leverages jurisdictional advantages across Belize and the EU, optimising financial operations and regulatory compliance.

The depicted corporate structure showcases a strategic alignment between a Belize Gaming Company, holding a Tobique Gaming License, and its wholly-owned subsidiary, a Cyprus Payment Agent Company.

The Belize-based parent company, with its Tobique Gaming License, signifies a robust entry into the online gaming market, underpinned by the regulatory credibility and market access provided by the Tobique jurisdiction.

The establishment of a Cyprus Payment Agent Company as a subsidiary brings forth multiple benefits, primarily due to Cyprus’s favourable tax regime, its EU member status, and a strong banking infrastructure renowned for supporting international business transactions. This structure facilitates seamless financial transactions, enhancing the company’s capability to process payments efficiently, and manage operational funds. Moreover, the presence in Cyprus amplifies the company’s credibility and trustworthiness among financial partner.

Furthermore, this corporate structure allows for a sophisticated risk management approach by segregating regulatory and operational risks between the jurisdictions of Belize and Cyprus. It provides flexibility in adapting to regulatory changes, optimising tax obligations, and customising services to meet diverse market demands.

Corporate Structure for Tobique Gaming License

Benefits of a Tobique Gaming License

Discover the strategic advantages of the Tobique Gaming License, offering both startups and established gaming companies a suite of benefits designed to facilitate market entry, enhance operational flexibility, and bolster profitability within a supportive regulatory framework.

For Start-ups

  • Streamlined Application Process: The simplified and efficient application process is ideal for startups, minimising bureaucratic hurdles and allowing for quicker market entry.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: With reasonable licensing fees and no hidden costs, startups can allocate more resources to product development and marketing.
  • Broad Licensing Scope: The license covers a wide array of gaming activities, offering startups flexibility in launching diverse gaming products without needing multiple licenses.
  • Swift Processing Time: The ability to secure a license within a relatively short period is crucial for startups aiming to launch their platforms promptly.
  • No Gaming Taxes: The absence of gaming tax obligations under the Tobique Gaming License enhances profitability and financial planning for startups.
  • Regulatory Support: Startups benefit from regulatory guidance and support, ensuring compliance and operational integrity from the outset.

For Existing Gaming Companies

  • Expansion Opportunities: For companies looking to expand their portfolio, the Tobique Gaming License offers access to new markets with a single, comprehensive license.
  • Regulatory Credibility: Obtaining a Tobique Gaming License adds to a company’s regulatory credibility, enhancing its reputation among players and partners.
  • Operational Flexibility: The license allows for a broad range of online betting and gaming activities, providing existing companies with the flexibility to diversify their offerings.
  • Cost Management: The lack of gaming taxes and the reasonable cost of license maintenance support better financial management and profitability.
  • Quick Licensing Turnaround: The efficient processing time enables existing companies to quickly adapt to market changes or regulatory requirements.
  • Strategic Tax Planning: The favorable tax conditions associated with the Tobique Gaming License can be leveraged for efficient international tax planning and operations.