About us

About Us

SINCE 1999

Pioneering the Future of iGaming

Embarking on our journey in 1999 as early pioneers of the iGaming industry, we’ve evolved into the leading authority in gambling licenses and regulatory services, shaping the future of iGaming with unwavering commitment and expertise.

Our Journey Begins

In 1999, at the dawn of online gambling, our company was founded with a vision to pioneer a path through the then-nascent iGaming industry.

As early adopters and advocates for a regulated gaming environment, we embarked on a mission to shape the landscape of online gambling, firmly believing in the potential of digital gaming to offer fair, transparent, and engaging experiences to users worldwide.

Innovative Solutions

The early days were marked by rapid technological advancements and regulatory challenges. We navigated these with innovative solutions, establishing ourselves as trailblazers in the industry. Our efforts were aimed not just at securing licenses but at fostering trust and integrity in online gaming operations.

By closely working with regulatory bodies and leveraging emerging technologies, we helped set the standards that would define the iGaming industry, ensuring a safe and reliable gaming environment for all.

Leaders in iGaming Licensing and Services

Fast forward to the present day, and our company stands at the forefront of the iGaming licensing and services sector. With over two decades of unwavering commitment to excellence, we have secured over 127 gaming licenses for our clients, ranging from startups dreaming of launching their first online platform to established gaming companies looking to expand their global footprint.

Our comprehensive suite of services, including regulatory compliance, operational structuring, and strategic consulting, has empowered countless clients to navigate the complex iGaming landscape successfully.

Looking Ahead

As we look to the future, our passion for innovation and regulation in the iGaming industry remains as strong as ever. We continue to adapt to the evolving digital landscape, embracing new technologies and regulatory changes, to provide cutting-edge solutions for our clients. Our journey from pioneers to industry leaders is a testament to our dedication to excellence, integrity, and the success of our clients.

Join us as we continue to shape the future of iGaming, turning possibilities into reality and dreams into success stories. Welcome to our world, where gaming meets excellence.

Our Services

Unlock the potential of the online gambling industry by letting us navigate the complexities of licensing, banking and payment solutions for you. Our expertise is your advantage, providing you with all that is required for success in a competitive landscape.

Gambling Licensing

Our Gambling Licensing service navigates the intricate regulatory landscape, securing the licenses essential for your venture’s success in the dynamic world of online gambling.
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Banking & Payment Solutions

Our Banking and Payment Solutions streamline your financial transactions, offering secure, efficient, and tailored payment gateways crucial for thriving in the online gambling sector.
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Advisory Services

Our advisory services provide specialised legal guidance for the iGaming industry, ensuring compliance with both international and local regulations for a secure operation.
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Who We Are

Introducing our founding partners, the pioneering forces behind Plex Gaming, whose profound knowledge and strategic foresight in iGaming law have established the company as an industry leader. Together, they merge legal expertise with a passion for innovation, guiding our clients through the evolving landscape of online gambling.

Michael Chambers - iGaming
Michael Chambers
Michael is a distinguished lawyer whose expertise has been instrumental in shaping the online gambling industry. With over 28 years of legal practice, Michael has developed a profound understanding of the iGaming sector, leveraging his extensive experience in corporate and commercial law to navigate the complex regulatory environments of online gambling. Michael’s commitment to excellence and his deep legal acumen make him an indispensable asset to Plex Gaming and a trusted advisor to clients navigating the dynamic world of online gambling.
Richard Chambers
With a legal career that traces back to the very inception of the iGaming industry, Richard’s depth of knowledge and unique perspective have been pivotal in steering Plex Gaming to the forefront of iGaming legal services. Richard’s journey, marked by significant roles within the iGaming sector, including CEO positions at prominent online gambling and software development firms, has infused Plex Gaming with invaluable operational insights. This blend of practical industry experience and legal expertise enables Plex Gaming to offer unparalleled services, tailoring its advice to the nuanced needs of iGaming businesses.

Core Values

Integrity and Transparency

At the heart of our operations lies a steadfast commitment to integrity and transparency. We believe in honest communication and ethical practices, ensuring that our clients and stakeholders can trust us to navigate the iGaming landscape with unwavering principles.

Innovation and Adaptability

In the fast-paced world of online gambling, innovation and adaptability are key. We continuously embrace new technologies and regulatory changes, empowering us to offer forward-thinking solutions and adapt strategies that keep our clients ahead in a competitive industry.

Client-Centric Approach

Our clients are at the centre of everything we do. Understanding that each client has unique needs and challenges, we offer personalised services designed to achieve their specific goals. Our success is measured by the success of our clients, motivating us to exceed expectations at every turn.