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Navigating the complex landscape of iGaming licensing across various jurisdictions demands a partner with extensive knowledge and experience. Plex Gaming specialises in providing a broad spectrum of services tailored to the unique needs of companies, entrepreneurs, and customers within the online gambling sector.

With over 25 years of industry experience, we are your trusted experts in obtaining gambling licenses, offering comprehensive turnkey solutions, advanced technology services, corporate structuring, and banking solutions to ensure your venture’s success in the global iGaming landscape.

Multi-Jurisdictional Licensing

A critical component of establishing a legitimate and successful online gaming operation is navigating the complex landscape of international licensing. We specialise in securing gambling licenses across a multitude of jurisdictions, understanding the nuanced legal frameworks that govern online gaming activities worldwide. Our expertise spans from obtaining licenses for sports betting, casino games, poker, and more, ensuring your operations are fully compliant and recognised by regulatory authorities.

Corporate and Banking Solutions

The foundation of a stable and prosperous iGaming operation extends beyond the gaming platform to include essential corporate and banking services. We assist with company formation, corporate structuring, and establishing banking relationships crucial for the seamless processing of payments and management of financial transactions. Our comprehensive services ensure that your operation is not only aligned with regulatory requirements but also positioned for financial growth and sustainability.

Legal Services

Our specialised legal team offers expert advice tailored to the iGaming industry, ensuring your operation complies with international and jurisdiction-specific regulations. We navigate the complexities of online gaming law, providing a robust legal framework for your business. From drafting contracts to advising on intellectual property and resolving disputes, our comprehensive services cover every legal aspect your gaming operation might need.

Compliance and Reputation Management

Our commitment to excellence extends to guiding our clients through the intricacies of global compliance, including Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) protocols. The international nature of the iGaming industry requires adherence to a complex web of regulations. We pride ourselves on our ability to navigate these challenges, ensuring that your operation is respected and recognised on the global stage, maintaining a reputation of integrity and trustworthiness.

RNG & Game Testing

In the dynamic world of iGaming, the integrity of game outcomes and the assurance of fairness are paramount. Our dedicated RNG & Game Testing services are designed to establish and maintain the highest standards of transparency and trustworthiness for your gaming operations. Plex Gaming has established partnerships with a selection of premier testing houses. These partnerships are pivotal in providing our clients with comprehensive and trustworthy game and RNG testing services.

Corporate Accounting Services

Corporate Accounting Services are absolutely crucial for iGaming businesses, ensuring optimal financial health and strict regulatory compliance through comprehensive financial reporting, strategic tax planning, accurate budgeting, detailed audits, and insightful advisory. Meticulous management effectively allows navigation of complex financial regulations, optimisation of performance, and robust support for strategic decision-making, significantly enhancing financial integrity.

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Strategic Planning and Legal Consultation

Begin with in-depth consultations to align your business vision with the legal and regulatory framework of your target markets. Our team will guide you through market research, identifying legal requirements, and crafting a strategic business plan that incorporates risk assessment, compliance strategies, and intellectual property protection.

Corporate Formation and Structuring

We assist with the formation of your iGaming company, advising on the optimal corporate structure to support your business goals while maximising tax efficiencies. Our services include company registration, drafting foundational corporate documents, and establishing governance protocols that meet regulatory standards.

Technology and Operational Setup

While the technical development of your platform may require specialised partners, our legal team will support you in negotiating contracts with software providers, securing intellectual property rights, and ensuring that your technology stack complies with legal and regulatory standards.

Licensing Acquisition and Compliance

Leveraging our extensive experience in iGaming laws and regulations, we’ll navigate the licensing process on your behalf. This includes preparing and submitting licensing applications, advising on compliance with international and local iGaming regulations, and ensuring ongoing regulatory adherence to avoid legal pitfalls.

Banking and Financial Services Integration

Secure the financial backbone of your iGaming operation with our support in establishing banking relationships and payment processing solutions. We ensure that your financial operations are robust, compliant, and equipped to handle transactions across different jurisdictions, providing a seamless experience for your users.

Launch and Ongoing Support

With the legal, corporate, and financial foundations in place, we’ll guide you through the launch of your iGaming platform. Our support extends beyond the initial launch, offering ongoing legal advice, regulatory updates, and strategic consultation to ensure your business remains compliant, competitive, and at the forefront of industry developments.

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    Unmatched Industry Experience

    Since 1999, Plex Gaming has been at the forefront of the iGaming sector, offering unparalleled insights and expertise. This deep-rooted experience allows us to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the iGaming market with precision and foresight.

    Our historical involvement means we’re not just participants but pioneers, having witnessed firsthand the industry’s transformation. This perspective equips us to anticipate regulatory shifts, adapt to technological advancements, and leverage industry trends to our clients’ advantage.

    Proven Track Record in Licensing and Compliance

    Plex Gaming has successfully guided over 100 companies through the intricate process of obtaining iGaming licenses, securing payment processing solutions, and establishing robust banking relationships.

    Our success in jurisdictions like the UK, Isle of Man, Malta, Alderney and Cyprus showcases our ability to navigate diverse regulatory environments. This proven track record reflects our comprehensive understanding of global iGaming regulations and our commitment to achieving optimal outcomes for our clients, ensuring they operate legally, ethically, and successfully in their chosen markets.

    Global Network and Strategic Partnerships

    Leveraging a vast network and fostering strategic partnerships have been cornerstone strategies for Plex Gaming, significantly amplifying our impact in the iGaming industry.

    Our extensive connections span game developers, platform providers, regulatory bodies, and key stakeholders across the globe. These relationships enable us to offer our clients unique opportunities for growth, market entry, and competitive advantage.

    Comprehensive Service Offering

    Choosing Plex Gaming means accessing a holistic suite of services tailored to the iGaming industry. Beyond licensing, we provide end-to-end support encompassing payment processing solutions, banking partnerships, legal advice, and corporate structuring.

    Our integrated approach simplifies the complex process of launching and operating an iGaming business, making us a one-stop-shop for clients looking to enter or expand within the iGaming sector. This comprehensive service offering, combined with our extensive network and industry acumen, positions our clients for success in a competitive and regulatory-intensive industry.

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